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The relationship between Hamstech and Fashion education started in the year 1992, with the sole aim of offering quality academic training in the field of Fashion Design and since then we have produced over 20,000 professionals with a clear edge in skill and innovation. More than 12,000 Alumni of Hamstech are store owners, retailers as well as designers for large apparel brands. There are also those who have showcased their works at major fashion weeks.

Over the course of my career, I have come across people—homemakers, professionals, students and many others—who had an immense talent for fashion designing and the enthusiasm to acquire new skills but hadn’t had the chance of pursuing their passion. This is purely because of life not allowing them the time, convenience or comfort to do so. This thought always remained with me and so came the idea of Hamstech Online Courses.

Hamstech Online Courses is that very opportunity for those who have always wanted to do something more meaningful, something that allowed them to BE MORE CREATIVE.
Hamstech Online Courses give you the chance to learn Fashion without compromising the curriculum set by the faculty, all within the comfort of your time, speed and place. The right mix of theory, technique and practice helps you make your interest/hobby a skill. While these courses will test your commitment, develop your skill set and prepare you for perfection, they will also lend you the flexibility that you seek to be able to do all this in your own time and space.

Our platform’s online learning is made more impactful with the aid of an LMS (Learning Management System) and the constant interaction with our faculty members through skype, phone, email and chat. We value communication and so Hamstech Online Courses ensures that there’s a perpetual connect between our learners and the teachers.